WELCOME HOME Changing the perception of property auction


We offer a proactive route to market both to private individuals and corporate clients through our bespoke online auction platform and regular public auction events. No other auction provider in Ireland offers such a complete and comprehensive range of property auction services. Our 30 - 45 day online auctions are suitable to all types of properties including residential properties, commercial assets and agricultural lands.

We offer a free no-obligation valuation to establish a realistic value for your property in the current market. Whether you are interested in our public auction events or online auctions, please contact us today in confidence to discuss your requirements.

This simple way to buy a house is a breath of fresh air. We could not recommend highly enough. 28 days start to finish!


Why sell with Keenan Auctioneers?

Because we’re keen. Keen to get the best price—for your home, your land, your property.

And we’re keen to get that price quickly. And honestly. With common sense.


Our marketing:
It’s better. Better photos, better videos, better advertisements. And better marketing means more viewings, more viewings mean more bidders, more bidders—a better price.

We’ve got experience too.
Three generations of it, going back to 1902, when our grandfather FT Keenan started selling.

We’re available Monday through Saturday—call or message us.

And if you don’t rest on Sundays, well no worries, call us then too. We’ll pick up.

Old school selling skills meet contemporary digital marketing; we offer the best of both.

Call us; we’re keen.